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Style no. AP-41
Today, more and more people are aware of the danders of air pollution ; the benefits of controlling the indoor "climate" for comfortable and relaxed living and the importance of cleaned, purified air for a safe and healthy life.

PLASMA STERILIZER AP41 is an innovative design and technology with 2 soft carbon emitters respectively generate a huge amount of positive ions and negative ions. It has been proven that the negative ions neutralize with positive ions may change the structure of bacterial or convert the energy which kills bacteria, thus achieving the effect of sterilizing. Since the generation of negative ions is of higher percentage than positive ions, the surplus negative ions will also float in the air for removing smoke, dust and eliminate odor, improving air quality and promoting health. It is ideal for use in car, restroom, closet, etc.

Technical Specifications
• Soft carbon emitters
• Blue LED light power indicator
• Amber LED Ion Tester
• Finger Touch switch
• Input 5V USB socket
• Size : 150 x 90 x 46 mm
• Weight: 0.3KG