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Product Name: Air Humidifier & Ionizer
Style no. AH-781
The device is designed to moisturize cool air with quiet operation by ultrasonic with high frequency vibratory. The device is built in Ions Generator to emit negative ions to purify the air. The device can help to :
  • Activate body natural defense system against respiratory diseases and colds;
  • Reduce dry symptioms such as itchy skin,nose bleed and sore throat;
  • Improve conditions on static-electricity, wilting house plants and dry cracking furniture.

    Housing : High Impact Plastics
    Dimension : 31 (H) X 30 ( L) X 16 (W) CM
    Weight : 2.4KG
    Moisture Capacity : >300ml / h
    Water Capacity : 5L
    Rated Power : 45W
    Time Usage : 12 hours
    Safety Standard : CE
    FOB : Hong Kong
    Country of Origin : China