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Product Name: Air Purifier ( Air Processor Turbo)
Style no. AP-160
Air Purifier - Model AP-160, with a Multi-Filtering System - a combination of (1) HEPA - CARBON and Electrostatic Aluminium Filter, plus a Patented Carbon Filament, effectively clean the air within minutes. Built in Frangrance Dispenser with pleasant smell immediately freshens the air.
Clean the air of microscopic irritants like : Pollen, Dust, Bacteria, Odours, Mould spores, Insecticide Dust, Animal dander, Fungal spores, Soot, Fibres, Tobacco smoke, etc.

Power Supply : 110V/240V AC
Dimension : 225 x 395 x 190 MM
Weight : 3.0 KGS
Power Consumption : 52 W
Recommended Area : 45 M2
Application : Ideal for home and office.
Safety Standards : GS / CE